My deepest thanks for your help and kindness in rescuing a damsel in distress because of a computer hack!  Your calm and confident grasp of what needed to be done and your expertise in doing the checking and repair was so helpful.  I am grateful for all you did.  Thanks’  for your rescue,  Julie  

Julie G

S Pasadena

“We have been taking our computers to the computer guy Norm for about three years, usually for serious viruses. Each time He was able to remove the viruses in a timely manner.

My computer Was freezing several times a day. After a short period of time he resolved the problem.”


North Hollywood, CA

“After calling his office, Norm, the “Computer Guy” came to my home to ascertain the problem as I had two computers which decided to rebel at the same time.  After examining both computers, he ultimately needed to remove them from my premises but returned 2 days later with computers in hand (or both hands) and all was fixed.  Norm set up both computers and they worked perfectly. I was impressed because, besides being efficient and knowledgeable, which made me feel as if I had made the right choice, he was personable and answered all of my questions without “beating around the bush.”

Patricia E


“Norm is very professional and was able to quickly and effectively remove a virus from our computer that had rendered our system useless. He had everything up and running better than before in less that 24 hours. His price was very reasonable. I will use him again.”

R. S.

Glendale, CA

“I sent Norm a message in the morning he got back to me promptly. I dropped off my computer and by evening he had it ready for me.  His price was very fair when I went to pick up my computer he went over all that he did to tune it up and answered some additional questions I had about the computer. I took the computer to him because it was easier for me, but he said he would be happy to come to my house if needed.  I highly recommend Norm Krauskopf and plan and using his services in the future.”

Mary T

La Crescenta

“I dropped the computer off late on Saturday, and Norm had the problem diagnosed by Sunday morning.  I thought that the problem was viruses/malware, but he found that in addition to virus problems, the hard drive itself was failing.  I got my computer back in a few days with all of my data intact (it was ready sooner than I was able to pick it up.)  I am very happy with the service and felt that the price was fair.  He communicated with me after diagnosing the problem and let me know the approximate cost.  The final invoice was quite detailed; it spelled exactly what was done.  I chose Computer Guy LA because of positive reviews on Angie’s List, and was not disappointed. I can definitely recommend Computer Guy LA to others.”

Thomas B

La Crescenta

“I clicked on a picture on Pinterest and WHAM! Trojan Horse! I went online and found Norm at Computer Guy LA and not only did he come to my house on a Sunday morning but he killed that Trojan Horse and made everything right again! I totally recommend Norm and Computer Guy LA!”

Shirley P.

Tujunga, CA

“I woke up the other day and my computer was being very weird. I had the feeling I must have a virus. I called Norm , who was recommended to me and he was able to come over. He recognized the problem right away. Removed the virus and updated my spyware.Reasonable priced as well”

Albie B.

Los Angeles, Ca

“Just referred my sister to Norm.  Her computer died.  He told her what to buy at the local Best Buy (all for free – he didn’t make anything off the purchase).  He is now transferring all her data for her onto the new machine.

Having done computer consulting myself years ago, I find him knowledgeable, honest and fairy priced.

My sister is very happy.”

Robert G.

La Crescenta-Montrose,

“Norm was recommended to me by a friend after my computer crashed.  He was prompt in coming over.  He needed to take the processor to his office.  He quickly identified the issue, repaired it and updated my virus software and Microsoft.  It only took a day and his price was very reasonable.  I would not hesitate to call him again!  Thanks so much.”

Sandy C.

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

“After my computer was upgraded to Windows 10 I had a problem with one of my accounting programs.  It gave me errors that the browser was out of date.   I called Norm the computer guy.  He found a glitch in Windows 10 which he fixed.

I recommend him highly as he always comes through when I need him.”

Pam K.

La Crescenta-Montrose, CA

“I have been using Norm Krauskopf to handle my computer problems for the last five years or more.  He always delivers the goods.  No matter how complicated or weird the problem is, he always gets to the bottom of it very quickly and provides a full solution  at a very reasonable cost.  I would recommend him without any reservations to anyone having problems with their computer, home network, or business network, as well as anyone wanting to upgrade their system – their hardware, software or associated devices”

Arthur K.

Glendale. CA

“I have used the services of Computer Guy LA numerous times and have always found their services to be fast, efficient and friendly.  Over the years I have dealt with several so-called “IT Pro’s” that ultimately did not stand up to a basic knowledge test. Norm (at Comp Guy LA) is extremely knowledgable on most any sysyem operating, and speaks directly and intelligently about each – not in a circle of abscure unneccessary nonsense as I have found others to do.  They are very flexible (we have all had those emergencies when we need help immediately – not next Tuesday after the 2nd Thursday of the next month – right?) and their prices are extremely reasonable for the requested work to be completed. In my parents’ day I always heard in life it was important to have a good doctor, a good mechanic and a good attorney. In this technology driven age a new requirement is necessary – a good computer tech. You can add Computer Guy LA to this list with confidence!!”

Julie B.

Montrose. CA

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