Computer Repair Services in the Los Angeles Area


Computer Guy L.A. provides onsite or in-house computer repair services, network setup, office network services, and software diagnostics throughout Glen
dale, Burbank, and Pasadena. Our services include:

  • Computer Repair Services
    We do home and office PC repair.
  • Expert Virus Removal
    We rid your computer of those nasty viruses that cause your computer to act very erratically. The longer you wait the harder they are to remove and permanent data loss can occur.
  • Computer Backups
    We set up your computer with a backup system. In the event of a hard drive crash this assures that even those important forgotten files will not be lost.
  • Computer Network Services
    We specialize in computer networks for small businesses and residential customers.
  • Computer Maintenance
    We can maintain your computer system and keep it running smoothly.
  • Upgrades
    We can upgrade you old computer with a new hard drive and more memory for more efficient operation.
  • Custom Computers
    We build computers designed especially for you and your needs.
  • Internet Access
    We set up your computer for high speed internet access.

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