Uninterruptible Power Supply

Computers and peripherals (monitors, printers, scanners) need electrical power to operate, but do they need an uninterruptible power supply?  Inside the computer, this power is needed to supply energy to make the memory hold data and make that hard drive spin.

 The hard drive is spinning most of the time when the computer is powered on. The hard drive is like a phonograph record. The record has grooves which the needle rides and the vibrations from the groove caused the needle to move and relay that into sounds. Today’s hard drives spin and have the “head” float above the spinning platter. When you retrieve data the head (like the needle) moves to a position above the hard drive and retrieves the magnetic data. When the hard drive is storing data, the head moves to a blank spot on the hard drive and sends out an impulse which is now stored on the hard drive.

A primary cause of data loss is the hard drive crash or failure of the data being stored to the hard drive to complete its action. As data is being written to the hard drive, the table of where this data is stored is being written. So your documents are stored at certain locations on the hard drive. When you want to retrieve these documents the computer tells the hard drive to go to these specific areas.

Now, if you are storing or saving something to the hard drive and the power goes out to the hard drive, guess what happens?  You can cause a hard drive crash or data loss.

The simplest way to avoid this situation is to use an Uninterruptible Power Supply. Laptops have a battery which acts like the UPS.  Desktop computers do not have this built in so you need to purchase one.


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