Has there ever been a time that you started your computer and it started rebooting continuously? This can totally ruin your day.

It’s like driving a car in the dark in a heavy rain with one headlight burnt out and every where you go there are detours or deep ruts in the road. Your driving around endlessly trying to find a way to get to your destination.

Here are some common causes that contribute to this computer problem:

Over heating, a virus, or your hard drive is failing.

The hard drive will look for special system files to complete a boot up. If and when it can’t find them then the cyclic booting starts.

So how do you diagnose this problem and where do you start to make corrections?

Listen for fan noises like spinning too fast or raspy sounds. Feel the side of the case for excessive heat. This can mean a fan is failing and should be repaired or replaced or vents are clogged and should be cleaned. I have found fur from cats clogging the cooling vents causing the overheating. Hard drives can just fail from normal use.

Since you can’t check the anti virus software without the computer starting up. Now would be a good time to check this software (Hopefully you have it installed) to see if it’s up to date and scanning the computer on a regular basis. Also the Microsoft security updates should be up to date.

Always make sure your computer is backed up.


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